Supervised Students

 Supervised M.Sc. and Ph. D. Students:

 1) A. Ghorbani, (1999, Ph. D.) Generalized Hopfian modules, Some Characterizations of Arinian rings, (Advisor)

2) M. Yousefzade, (1999) Injective minimal rings, (Advisor)

3) M. Ghorbani, (2001) Unique factorization in Artinan modules, (Advisor)

4) K. Zaringhalami, (2000) Topics on locally graded groups, (Supervisor)

5) Sh. Askari, (2002) Noetherian rings which are finitely generated over their center , (Advisor)

6) F. Shamsini, (2003) Algebraic characterization of locally compact groups, (Advisor)

7) R. Keykhaee, (2003) Isomorphism of Cayley graphs of bounded valency, (Supervisor)

8) M. Jaberi, (2005) Cyclic and quadratic residue codes over ring Zpm, (Supervisor)

9) M. Moghadassi, (2006) Primitive Polynomials With Coefficients Prescribed, (Supervisor)

10) H. Mohammadi, (2004) Prime graph of simple groups, (Supervisor)

11) H. Mohamudi, (2004) Seperation property of positive definite functions over locallycompact groups, (Supervisor)

12) S. Gashti, (2004) Factorization in commutative rings, (Advisor)

13) M. Eliasi, (2008, Ph. D.) Topological indices of some nanotubes and nanotorus andcomposite graphs, (Supervisor)

14)  A. Heydari, (2008, Ph. D.) On the Topological Indices of Nanotubes and Rooted Product of Graphs, (Supervisor)

15) A. Arfaanejad, (2007) Factoring polynomials over Galois rings and Cyclic codes and Negacyclic codes, (Supervisor)

16) S. H. Shojaee, (2007) Primitive Elements With Zero Traces, (Supervisor)

17) H. Ahmadi, (2008) The Graph of Conjugacy Classes of Finite Groups, (Supervisor)

18) M. Arezoomand, (2008) On the Linear Representations of Symmetry Groups of Single-wall carbon nanotubes, (Supervisor)

19) A. Behtoei, (2008) Irreducible character graph of groups, (Supervisor)

20)  Z. Amini, (2009) Frobenius Groups with Many Involutions, (Advisor)

21) A. Safyanboldaji, (2011) On the Number of Centralizer in Finite Groups, (Supervisor)

22) M. A. Morshedlo, (2011) The Structure of Finite Groups of Conjugate Rank 2,(Supervisor)

23) M. Ahmadpour, (2012) The spectrum of semi-Cayley graphs over abelian groups,(Supervisor)

24) Kazem Shokri, (2012) Integral Cayley graphs over abelian groups, (Supervisor)

25) M. Aslanifar, (2012) Finite Nonsolvable Groups whose Character Graphs Have no Triangles, (Supervisor)

26) H. Zaherifar, Wiener index and its application on nonostractures, (Supervisor)

27) S. Akbari, On the distance spectra of graphs, (Supervisor)

28) M. Jahanbakhsh, (2012) Distance spectral radius of trees with fixed maximum degree, (Supervisor)

29) N. Poutbafrani, (2012) Distance spectral radius of trees with given matching number, (Supervisor)

30) F. Karimi, (2012) Characterization of the finite simple group L16(2) by its prime graph, (Advisor)

31)  M. Enteshari (2012) Distance spectral  radius of graphs with r pendat vertices ( Supervisor)

32)  Z. Nosoohi (2012) On unitary Cayley graphs of finite rings (Supervisor)

33)  F. Jamali (2012) The energy of unitary Cayley graphs (Supervisor)

34) N. Ashtari  (2012) On generalized relative commutativity degree of a finite group (Advisor)

35) Kh. Bachari Nejad , On distance spectral  radius and distance energy of graphs (Supervisor)

36) A. Shiekhinejad (Advisor)

37) P. Nikzad  ‎Cayley sum graphs and eigenvalues of (3,6)‎- ‎fullerenes (Supervisor)



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