Msc Students

Supervised Ph. D. Students:

  1. A. Ghorbani, (1999) Generalized Hopfian modules, Some Characterizations of Artinian rings, (Advisor)  
  2. M. Eliasi, (2008) Topological indices of some nanotubes and nanotorus and composite graphs
  3.  A. Heydari, (2008) On the topological Indices of nanotubes and rooted product of graphs
  4. M. Arezoomand, (2015) n-Cayley graphs over finite groups
  5. M. Amooshahi, (2015) Addition Cayley graphs and some of their properties
  6. H. Ahmadi, (2015) On the join graph and the intersection graph of subgroups of a finite group
  7. L. Mousavi, (2016) Characterization of finite groups by some of related graphs
  8. Kh. Khedri, (2018) Character degree graph of finite groups
  9. Z. Rezazadeh, (2018) Conjugation action of finite groups on certain subsets of subgroups
  10. F. Tayanloo Beyg, (2019) Finite groups with a few non-abelian subgroups
  11. Z. Mozafar, (2021) On the centralizer automorphisms of finite groups
  12. Z. Bahrami, (2021) Join graph in the lattice of subgroups of a finite group

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